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Chateau Chennell appreciates our customers and we love to cheer them on for their support in helping the planet.

  • We reward purchases of our natural and environmentally friendly products with special discounts and fun freebies.

  • We keep track of your P.I.P.s as you earn, send you notifications of your P.I.P. balance, and send you your rewards when you reach each tier!


··You earn P.I.P.s by:

··Saving bottles of plastic from entering waste collections when you purchase items from Chateau Chennell

··Sharing pictures/posts of your further earth-friendly efforts on our Facebook page (diy repurposing/reusing objects, participating in beach/park cleanups, join a community service team that supports the care of our environment, bike-riding instead of motor vehicles, etc.)

··You redeem P.I.P.s when you:

··Earn 25 P.I.P.s to receive the Mystery Chateau Chennell Soap Freebie of your choice

··Earn 50 P.I.P.s to receive your selection of a packet of vegetable, herb, or flower seeds with a handmade garden sign/marker to match your choice

··Earn 75 P.I.P.s to receive a vintage ceramic soap-dish-saucer of your choice

··Earn 100 P.I.P.s to receive 10% off your orders for the next 6 months after earning

··Earn more than 100 P.I.P.s and we will consult with you to personalize your reward!

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